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1. Oil Of Cloves Fish Anesthetic - 1 oz.

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Koi Medications PondRx > Fish Medications > Anesthetic & Sedatives > Oil Of Cloves Fish Anesthetic - 1 oz.

Koi Medicine

Oil Of Cloves Fish Anesthetic - 1 oz.

Oil Of Cloves Fish Anesthetic - 1 oz. 

Oil of Cloves may be the safest sedative and anesthetic for ornamental fish. Even when dosing several times over the recommended amount, and waiting long past the "last" gill excursion, fish may be recovered after several hours.

This little bottle will last a hobbyist quite a long time.

You will get a complete, step-by-step PondRx.com document providing guidelines and norms for the use of Oil of Cloves written by aquacultural veterinarian, Erik Johnson DVM.

Five drops per gallon of holding tank water should be placed in a ziploc baggie with some tank water. The ziploc is shaken and the oil is emulsified. This is poured into the holding tank and within 5 minutes the fish should be asleep and non responsive. Customer assumes all risks associated with the use of Oil of Cloves in ornamental fish.

Q: Can you get this in a super market or do you need to buy it online?

A: You can find it around...There's nothing particularly special about our Oil of Cloves except we've got experience with this particular resource, we've used this specific brand and concentration in our fish and we haven't had trouble with any preservatives or other compounds mixed in. Also, we send you instructions on this specific brand's use, step by step, with precautions, dosing, dissolution information, and guidelines for success including system set up and how to prep the water. ~Doc Johnson

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Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs
Product Amount: 1 oz.
Price: $9.99

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