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1. Mashimizu (Pure Water) 2.5 System

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Mashimizu (Pure Water) Systems


These Mashimizu (Pure Water) models from GC Tek are rated for ponds between 5,000 gallons up to 30,000 gallons with flow rates between 50 gpm & 90 gpm for bio-mechanical filtration. They can handle fish loads of 125 - 450 lbs.

Mashimizu (Pure Water) Filtration Systems come complete with all 2" threaded fittings for maximum flow.


To achieve sparkling pure water, Mishimizu systems first pre-filters dirty pond water before it enters the pump with the Vortek SS. This isolates debris and prevents it from becoming pureed into an organic froth. Next pre-filtered pond water flows into a WunderFlo energy efficient pump, flowing maximum water with minimal electricity use. Now the water is ready to enter an AquaBead or AlphaONE filter. These filters are biological and mechcanical filters that grab even the smallest debris particles from your pond water. Finally, water flows from the filter into the Zapp Pure Ultraviolet unit where algae, bacteria and virus' are eliminated.

Mashimizu Systems arrive at your door in several boxes that allow for 1 person to easily move into place for simple assembly, in as quick as 1 hour. All system components are carefully hand assembled and plumbed on an all weather black pad. Then unions are hand tightened to assemble the completed plumbing. Finally each piece is  removed, labeled and carefully packaged for shipment. All of the components together equal a lot of weight, but with each one packaged separately the heaviest part of the system is an empty filter shell. This allows one person to set the system in place without the need of helpers, friends or neighbors.

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Mashimizu (Pure Water) 2.5 System
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Mashimizu (Pure Water) 2.5 System

Rated for ponds up to 5000 gallons and fish loads up to 125 lbs.

Our price: $5,472.99


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