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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Failure to understand the PondRx.com terms and conditions of shipping will result in dissatisfaction on your part. You need medications fast, we are sure. But there are limitations to what any vendor can do between order placement and order processing.

Please, No Post Office Boxes for UPS orders.
The ultimate "order stopper". This is because UPS (our primary shipper) will NOT ship to a P.O. box. They will ship to a "rural route" box. If you put P.O. Box you might as well add a week to your delivery while we track you down again for another viable address.

Please note, all items ship tomorrow morning
The exception would be if you were able to call Ted at (706) 374-3037 and ask to get your order in today's shipments. Sometimes it's possible.

But generally, the shipping/ordering department "pulls" orders in the morning before 7:00 a.m. So, when you order something on Monday for example, the items are processed and shipped the next day, on Tuesday, first thing in the morning. The only way to have an item shipped "same day" would be to order it before seven in the morning. It would then fall into the queue for that same day. (Why does this matter? See the next note.)

Please don't bother ordering "Next Day Air" on Thursday
When you order Next Day Air on Thursday, the order usually packs and ships on Friday morning as mentioned above, and so the "Next (business) Day" is then actually Monday. Unless you asked for Saturday Delivery.

Saturday & Overnight Delivery
It's $12.50 extra for Saturday Delivery and we're happy to do it when possible. (It's not always available depending upon where in the USA you happen to live. Just put "Saturday Delivery, please" in the comments section of your order and if it's available, AND we get your order in time, we will upcharge you $12.50 and have UPS put it to you on Saturday.

Please Don't Throw Away Your Ordered Items
Just be careful folks. This is a true story. A normal person (just like me and you) received their order. They forgot that they ordered three items. They took two of the more obvious items out of the package. Threw away the third item, and the box. Please be careful as some of our items are kind of small and if you're not careful, could be overlooked.

Don't let your stuff get stolen.
This has happened twice. The first time we paid for it, the second time we were "on to the gig". UPS reports the package as "delivered" but the customer is saying it was stolen from their home, and for some reason PondRx.com should pay for that. Once UPS shows "delivered" the package is yours. If you'd prefer having the package sent "signature required" we can do this for free. Just let us know when you order.

Broken or damaged items.
Before ten days, we will fix whatever's wrong. After ten days, it's just a shame. This is UPS's stated policy, so it has to be ours, too. They have to fix what they break, and they will not do this for us after ten days, so we cannot do this for you. Unpack those items right away and check them out.

About PondRx using your Fedex account.
This also happened in real life. We got quite a lot of grief from a person who wanted us to use their bosses' Fedex account so they could beat a shipping charge and 'stick it to their boss'. We won't ship an order on "your" personal Fedex account and we won't investigate faster shipping partners to accomodate one special order.

Modifying or adding to your order later.
Sometimes this is possible, but normally it's not. The orders go out fast, first thing in the morning and so they're usually ALREADY shipped when you discover you need to add a gallon of dechlorinator. You'll have to originate a new order, complete with shipping charges. Still, it never hurts to call 706 374 3037 or 706 455 7504 and see what can be done.

UPS Ground orders: "But hurry! My fish are dying!"
If your fish are in trouble, you should order by some expedited means. Ordering UPS Ground usually translates into several days to even a week (or more) and that usually results in dead fish if you're ordering medicines. Ordering something you need fast by UPS Ground is like saying "Hurry up and wait." At PondRx.com we always "hurry", but UPS certainly doesn't hurry if your order is sent UPS Ground.

Note to our customers:
Folks, since 9-11 a lot of shippers like UPS have been getting pretty bogged down. One of our customers writes to us about the difference he experienced between our US Postal and UPS shipping: "...My pump was shipped on the same date via the USPS and arrived on Monday 3 days later, but the fish medicine that you shipped via UPS arrived 11 days later on June 17th...It seems a little ridiculous for UPS to take 11 days to deliver when they [UPS] used to advertise how fast they could deliver." Sincerely, ~ Robin R.

Our shipping department is in Pennsylvania.
This matters when you consider the geography. Orders from states adjacent to this state will get to you faster and orders to California will take a lot longer.

Questions ABOUT orders, asked WITH orders.
If you ask a question about an order, WHEN you place it, the question will be answered BEFORE the order is shipped. This means we will track you down by phone, fax or email, and answer your question and THEN ship the order. See the potential for delays? We absolutely don't mind questions. But please make sure you understand the impact of asking a question with your order form or in the shopping cart.

Changed your mind about an ordered item?
This happens and it's okay with us. You might find out a couple weeks later that you didn't need something. Return it to us in unopened and salable condition, and we'll refund the purchase price, minus shipping. If you've opened a chemical or a food, don't bother returning it, we can't assume the liability of returning it to inventory.

Koizyme orders.
We can ship it Next Day Air which is a good idea if it's hot out. Or we can ship it UPS Ground. Any way you want. But we won't ship Next Day Air on Friday. This is because it will roast on the truck over the weekend. Even when shipped Next Day Air, it only arrives at your house in a cool or even tepid condition. It will not be frosty. Icy Lymnozyme is impossible by contemporary shipping means.

International shipping.
For now, we ship ONLY in the domestic and contiguous United States. For this, we sincerely apologize because we have met some REALLY nice people overseas, and Canada. We would like to help. We will ship US Postal to Hawaii if you're ready for the cost of shipping.

Charge Backs.
These are never necessary. These cost the vendor (that's us) twenty five bucks plus the lost inventory. OUCH! PondRx.com feels litigious about these if we can prove to our credit services that we complied 100% with your requests and expectations.

If we did NOT fulfill our obligations, you will find that we are always more than happy to issue a refund (in full or in part) depending upon the circumstances. We admit it: WE OCCASIONALLY MESS UP. When we do, we customarily use refunds to fix things. Most people are happy with this.

Chargebacks, on the other hand are a hostile move and if we haven't messed up and we can prove it, we'll "play it to the bone" with merchant services. Customer support can be reached at 706 374 3037 if you need to discuss a particular issue.

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