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1. ProForm-C - 1 qt
2. ProForm-C - 1 gallon

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Koi Medicine

ProForm-C - 1 qt

ProForm-C - 1 qt 

ProForm-C is a Broad Spectrum Disease Treatment

ProForm-C is the very best (and one of the last legally available) broad spectrum malachite green & formalin treatments(MG&F). It is formulated differently than any other malachite green & aldehyde mix. Malachite green and formalin are two drugs that are more effective in combination than if used individually. This is the definition of synergism. These two drugs are also less toxic in combination than if used individually, What makes ProForm-C the preeminent product in this field is the fact it is formulated with malachite green chloride, while all other MG&F products use the oxalate salt form which is more toxic than the chloride form.

The benefits of ProForm-C:
  • The safest and most effective treatment for the control of diseases caused by Ichthyophthirius (ich), Costia, Trichodina, Chilodonella, Oodinium and fungal infections.
  • The ONLY MG&F treatment that can be used in water temperatures as low as 50 degrees (F), thus allowing you to treat in early Spring and late Fall. All other MG&F treatments can NOT be used below 62 degrees (F).
  • Treatment is DAILY. Most other MG&F treatments are dosed once every three days. Dosing daily allows you to complete the treatment in 3 days instead of 9 days.
  • You do NOT need to bypass your bio-filters which allows a more comprehensive treatment of the entire pond system.
  • Less toxic to koi and goldfish than any other MG&F product on the market.

Unlike almost every other aldehyde-containing medication, Proform-C can be shipped NON-HAZMAT legally anywhere in the U.S.

Freqently Asked Questions about ProForm-C

ProForm-C is available in quarts (treats a 3,200 gallon system three times) and gallons (treats a 12,800 gallon system three times).


Product Details:
Shipping Weight: 3.00 lbs
Product Amount: 1 quart
This Product Treats: 3,200 gal. 3X
Price: $23.99

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