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1. 10 lb Bag PondRx Premium Blend Koi Food
2. Shokoi Impact - 10 lb

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Koi Medicine

Shokoi Impact - 10 lb

Shokoi Impact - 10 lb 
What It's Good At:
Sho Koi Impact with Optimun is good at supporting the nutritional needs of Koi and Goldfish in a clean, complete pellet. It supports and enhances the immune system and it definitely increases the growth rate of fish which receive it regularly.

Everyone wants a good fish food when they have good fish. Foods have been manufactured for years which were made for catfish, or trout, but until recently, few foods were engineered for Koi and goldfish. Several years ago, the Total Koi Company (Sho Koi) engineered and began production of a custom made food but this one had an immune stimulant in it. The problem is you can't "see" immune stimulation but you can sure see the growth in these fish.


Cost effective food is well accepted, widely used in the hobby and has the enhancement of Impact Optimun. The convenience of having it delivered to your door is also a plus



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is sho-koi fish food a better quality than PondRx Premium fish food and therefore a better all around food for my koi and goldfish? And if so, why? Thank you

A: PondRx Premium is made of the best TWO low-cost foods we can buy in the nation. What we found were two excellent diets with extra color enhancers and a great freshness condition, so these became the two diets we incorporate into Premium Blend.

But the fact is that ShoKoi Impact has an immune supportive yeast extract which is pretty dang amazing for immunity and growth rates. Plus, ShoKoi contains some potent color enhancers of its own, and some other goodies not even dreamt of in the Premium Blend.

It kind of depends on *what* you're feeding.

If you're feeding water garden fish or pond grade Koi, you will do well with the Premium Blend with it's savings, and mixed pellet size.

If you're feeding tomorrow's Grand Champion, or a collection of better-than-average patterned fish for growth and color, feed ShoKoi and Medicarp. We don't even have MediCarp on our site at this time but I am a big believer in that mix. ShoKoi and Medicarp mixed would be a dynamite blend.

In the populous Medicarp line, the "Medicarp" is best for mixed adult and young populations but the "Yamatonishiki" diet is best for young fish for color and growth.

Why would you mix two diets?

That's the smartest question of all: (And no offense to any one manufacturer): "Mixing" is done to get the best of all possible amino acid (protein) profiles and 'balance' any individual trace-formulation deficiencies which may occur from batch to batch.

Q: The information above says that ShoKoi is formulated for Koi and Goldfish, so I ordered it. Now my One-Inch-Goldfish can't eat it because it's too large!

A: While the foods are properly formulated for both Koi and Goldfish, you still have to consider the size of the intended fish when choosing a pellet size. Sho Gold is intended for the smaller Goldfish, it's a small, sinking pellet perfect for little Goldfish.

Q: How should I store this food?

A: Keep any food being stored in the refriegerator or another cool dry place. Don't freeze your fish food. It denatures the fats in the food like freezer burn. Damage to the fats in a diet will denature the vitamins A,D,E, and K.


Product Details:
Shipping Weight: 12.00 lbs
Product Amount: 10 lbs
Price: $48.99

Product Options:
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Author: Eric Fisher (e.j.fisher@lilly.com)
Please send the 4 mm pellet size in my recent order of ShoKoi. -Thanks, Eric

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