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1. TRICIDE-Neo - 22 gm
2. TRICIDE-Neo - 110 gm

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Koi Medicine

TRICIDE-Neo - 22 gm

TRICIDE-Neo - 22 gm 

A seven-minute, external disinfectant bath that really clears Aeromonas sores, mouthrot, and finrot!

What It Is:
As good as injections! Tricide Neo is a bath treatment made with a convenient packet of crystals. The fish should NOT be dipped for more than five to seven minutes. That's FAST!

What It's Good At:
Tricide Neo is used to treat koi BODY SORES, MOUTH ROT and FINROT. Generalized 'pink-skin' caused by bacterial infections is also treated. Any superficial bacterial infection can be treated with Tricide Neo and to a limited extent, the type of bacteria isn't important because of this compounds mode of action.


About five years ago, the Emerging Diseases Research Group at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine began working on treatments for resistant bacteria, and developed an agent that makes otherwise resistant bacteria susceptible to safer and older antibiotics. The potentiator that has proven effective against the "super" bugs that infect human burns is also effective against the common bacteria associated with topical infections in ornamental koi and goldfish.

WOW! A 3 to 7 minute dip that does the work of an injection. Fights bacterial ulcers, mouthrot and finrot FAST!

It's simple. Get a gallon of distilled water. Empty the 1 gallon packet into the gallon jug. Mix well. First, move the fish that needs to be dipped into a well-aerated vat of dechlorinated tap water of the same pH and temperature.

This 'initial rinse' removes excess slime and debris which might contaminate the Tricide Neodip.

Make sure your Tricide Neo solution is roughly the same temperature as the main pond and the rinsing vat. Simply transfer the fish into a suitably sized plastic bag and then pour enough Tricide Neointo the bag to soak the fish and leave enough for "breathing room", Wait five minutes. Remove the fish to the rinse vat. Then remove the fish to the main pond again.

Some people mix up the solution in distilled water in a Rubbermaid sweater box and dip all the fish in this. The dip is "good" for at least 2 weeks but should be discarded if it "fouls" with Koi mucus or bodily excretions. (Your nose can tell!) (For more details)

Easy and quick to deploy. Extremely effective. Equally effective with injections of antibiotics. Stock solution is stable for up to eighteen months!
Not indicated for systemic bacterial (bloodstream) infections. Not indicated for fungal infections.

TRICIDE-Neo Frequently Asked Questions


Product Details:
Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs
Product Amount: 22 grams
This Product Treats: 1 Gallon
Price: $27.99

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Customer Reviews:

Author: ~ sc
Loved the dip. I put bag in stock tank to get temp correct. With airstone. Kept the dip in styro cooler with airstone going. Had 3 fish with mouthrot - after 2nd dip could really see difference in sores. Dipped 3 days, then every other day 3x. What a great product, and not having to inject was great!

Author: ~ Marcia Liotard
I have a 50 Gal aquarium that was shared by by 12 fish of various types. The two biggest are a 6 inch Plecostomus and an 8 inch red-tail catfish. It turns out that Plecko was the aggressor and stated latching onto the Cat and in the process, sucking off the slime coat. This led to some pretty serious looking lesions, which started to become even worse becase I hadn't added salt with my last water change, and when I remembered to check it with my salt meter (another favorite of mine), it read 0.03! The Cat was in obvious distress, so my son and I transfered him into a clean 10 Gal tank, with added salt and started treating him with your Medicated Food, which I had on hand, and with Melafix. After 2 days, I decided to order the Tricide Neo. I treated the Cat for 4 consecutive days, than evey other day for 3 more treatments. He started to look better by day 3 of the dip and now his lesions appear to be completely healed and he's eating and is back to being his very sociable self. I followed the directions that came on the packet of Tricide-Neo but I also followed most of your suggestions, which were extremely helpful. Now, we just have to decide which tank to put him in, since he is NOT going back with the Pleko!

Author: ~ Andrea Hulsey
This is a GREAT product, and especially easy to use. My 5 inch baby butterfly koi had severe mouth rot and an ulcer on his side. He showed marked improvement after his third dip in Tricide-Neo, and now after his fifth treatment, is showing EXCELLENT PROGRESS. I am using the zip loc bag with air stone method to soak him for 5 minutes everyday for seven days. He is also receiving medi-koi medicated food. Having no experience in treating sick koi, I found this product to be safe, easy and effective. I hope I don't have to, but I would definately use it again if needed! It is evident that this koi is going to make a full recovery, thanks to this miraculous product!!!

Author: ~ Mdel Banco
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! This product is great. Tricide-Neo just save 3 precious large orandas and a lion head goldfish. I must have tried 4 different antibiotics when I stumbled on this product. My babies' lesions were looking pretty bad, and I was getting desperate. I ordered this product as a last resort since my babies were already pretty weak. I was amazed how quick it worked! By the 3rd day, the lesions were starting to dry up. I placed the goldfish in a salted tank after the dips. It took about a week of daily dipping and then salted tank--- and now my babies are eating like before and lesions almost gone. Much mahalo.

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